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Here's a collection of tunes Randy recorded with various friends through the years. These tracks were all mixed on a PC in my studio. It's a varied landscape stretching from acoustic 'campfire' musings to jamband flavors & straight up rock, to making really weird noises. Please listen & enjoy - we sure enjoyed makin' the music. Oh yeah, I hope all y'all like the dead.
Have fun listening! Also check out Randy's original recordings at

Here are the details for each tune in the playlist.

Amanda: Is a work in process, an old-school countryesque thing. My father in-law 'Swede' strummed acoustic guitar and sang lead vocal to form the foundation. Randy did the arrangement & played/sang the other parts.

Sugaree: These are the raw tracks of a work in process. I put together a series of 'stock' drum loops to match Sugaree and made a spot for a guitar solo in the middle. I need to figure out a guitar solo and have Britt add some keyboards and backing vocals. Basically I'm figuring out how to layer & arrange all the parts of a classic rock song.

All Around this World: Here's my first shot at overtly acoustically digitalized stuff. An old teary eyed ballad about some guy with a temper and a gun and something about LuLu too if'n I 'member right... The direct output of the acoustic guitar and the guitar's mic are panned hard right & hard left. Makes for a cool shimmering effect. The new gear makes it all sound shiny and clear, love the Studio Projects C1 vocal mic!

Wharf Rat: Ya gotta love 3 part harmony. Scott, Britt and I recorded this one in November '02. Scott on lead vocal, acoustic guitar, Bass; Britt on Keys; Randy on lead guitar, acoustic guitar, and backing vocals. The 'live take' was Scott on acoustic & vocals, Randy on lead guitar.

Bird Song: This is from 1998, one of the first times I ever jammed w/ Per. Here's our two man acoustic take on the Dead. Randy on acoustic guitar and vocals, Per on Mandolin. Backing vocals were the only overdubs.

Fire on the Mountain: 'Lothar & the Wesley Chapel Singers' was the working name for our kackalacky piedmont rock and roll band. Britt on keys & backing vocals, Chris on drums & backing vocals, Matt on bass, Randy on Guitar & Vocals. This was recorded live during band practice in the post-apocalyptic era of November 2004. I almost had the mix down for live recording our band practice, but then the band went kaput.

Franklin's Tower: I FINALLY got a decent set of monitors - a pair of Event 'Tuned Reference 8' - biamplified w/ active crossovers. Now I can FINALLY hear what I'm mixing. I also got a pair of Oktava MK-012 small-diaphragm condensers. I mic'd the acoustic guitar w/ the Oktava's in an X-Y pair. This is Randy on guitar and vocals.

I Know You Rider > Johnny Said: This tune is part of our farewell drunken-blitzkrieg blast in Minneapolis during February of 2000. This is the full crew of the 'Un-Named Minneapolis Band' along with some unknown folks on the open mic. Anyway, I miss these good people every time I listen. Recorded to cassette 4-track, tweaked a bit on a PC. Mike on drums, Tom on bass, Britt on keys, Per on mandolin, Mark on guitar, Randy on lead guitar. Randy sang Rider, Per sang Johnny Said (which his cousin wrote)

Arman's B-minor Thing: Just before Nate got on the plane to head back North to the frozen tundra in March of 2001 we cranked out a couple on tape! These are the Rough Tracks, a BAD CABLE to the board causes the electric guitar to fizzle once in a while... that'll have to be fixed in the dub re-mix; so for now you'll have to enjoy the raw spirit of it all... I think they sparkle w/ life, how about you? This first one is a jam on a chord progression written by Nate's Armenian "uncle" Arman. Randy on acoustic guitar, Nate on electric guitar.

Weirdscape: This is Nate & Randy having way too much fun with a 4 track back in 1992 - most reprehensible... Can you identify these objects? I bet you can.

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dirt. has a Fargo Band Family Tree webpage with obscure references tying me to the Fargo, ND music scene in the early 1990's. Ahhh, memories...

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